Preventive maintenance is an important factor you should consider when owning any type of equipment. Over time oils can be contaminated and lose their ability to perform as they should. Contamination can cause premature wear of often expensive components. A simple way of preventing this from happening is to change oil & filters at correct intervals. Also Blocked filters can affect performance for example a blocked air cleaner can cost you in excessive fuel usage. Another useful tool that we can use is oil analyses where a sample is taken & sent off to a laboratory to be tested. A comprehensive report is then given containing levels of contaminates & oil condition. This is useful in detecting components that may be on their way out or any wear debris (Dust, diesel water).

Reasons for preventative maintenance:
• Less Expensive repairs in the long term
• Less downtime
• Extended component life
• Replacing worn components detected during servicing before they completely fail can lead to fewer components having to be replaced due to a major failure. Saving $$$$$$
• Preventive maintenance is 100% tax deductable for eligible business customers
Replacement costs are very expensive and equipment life can be greatly extended by performing regular preventive maintenance

Things you can do
• Check oil & coolant levels daily (It responsibility of the operator)
• Keep a close eye on gauges & warning lights
• Call Diesel men Australia if you notice anything out of the ordinary